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Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Laws Put to the Test

Last year, Arizona passed 15 bills and resolutions giving police more tools to go after illegal immigrants, one of several states tightening immigration laws. Jeffrey Kaye of KCET-Los Angeles examines the impact of the new regulations.

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    Next, combating illegal immigration. In Arizona yesterday, sheriff's deputies arrested nine workers at water parks. Authorities said they were investigating allegations that the parks had knowingly employed undocumented immigrants.

    No employers were detained, but records were seized that could lead to charges. A new state law in Arizona makes such hiring a crime.

    NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Kaye of KCET-Los Angeles reports from the Grand Canyon State.

  • JEFFREY KAYE, NewsHour Correspondent:

    Flashing police lights, interrogations, handcuffs and deportations are all part of a growing crackdown on suspected illegal immigrants in Arizona.

    While immigration is generally a federal issue, in recent years, states and cities critical of Washington have enacted hundreds of their own immigration laws. Last year, Arizona alone passed 15 bills and resolutions giving police more tools to go after illegal immigrants.

    The sheriff of Maricopa County, which takes in Phoenix, has special units that target illegal immigrants.


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