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As President Bush’s Term Closes, His Legacy Takes Shape

Before President George W. Bush speaks at the Republican Convention, Christine Todd Whitman and Michael Gerson, former members of his administration, provide insight on the legacy President Bush will leave behind.

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    Christine Todd Whitman was the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Michael Gerson was the president's chief speechwriter.

    Welcome to you both.

    We just saw cheers go up, applauding the legacy of George H.W. Bush, in the hall. So when we look at the president tonight, as he gives his final speech to a Republican National Convention as president, how would you, Christine Todd Whitman, begin to define his legacy? He famously doesn't like to talk about legacy.

    FORMER GOV. CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN (R), New Jersey: Well, he's going to have to tonight. I think it's going to be very important for him to say and lay out very clearly what he wants the public to remember, because we tend to get caught up in the passion of the moment and the political rhetoric.

    And the other side would have you believe it's all bad. And it's not. Did I disagree at times? Sure. But there were so many things that he has done that were right, where he's in the right position, immigration, which you heard mentioned earlier this evening by one of the speakers, where John McCain agrees with the president and took on the party over that.