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AU Peacekeepers Missing After Rebel Attack in Darfur

A weekend attack on an African Union base in Northern Darfur, Sudan, left at least 10 peacekeepers dead and 20 missing. From Khartoum, Charlayne Hunter-Gault provides an update on the search for the missing troops and the AU's role in the troubled region.

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    Charlayne, thank you for talking with us. We're reading not only that this was a large attack, but that it was unusually well-orchestrated.

  • CHARLAYNE HUNTER-GAULT, NewsHour Special Correspondent:

    Judy, it was on an unprecedented scale. I mean, they say there's nothing of this scale that's happened so far. There have been little skirmishes and other attacks, but this was huge. The attackers were well-equipped. They had land cruisers, we're told. And they seemed to know exactly what they were after.

    And the country is just reeling from this, especially the humanitarian aid workers who can't even get anywhere near the scene. And they say there's 70,000 people just stranded there while all this chaos is going on.


    Clear information yet about number of casualties?


    Well, you know, they've been reporting that there were 10 of the peacekeepers killed. I think most of them were Nigerians; at least that's what I heard from some U.N. people yesterday.

    But nobody knows how many others have been injured, because nobody can get near the place. It's very remote. And there's nobody to go in to investigate. The aid workers can't go in. And so it's just a terrible situation right now, where they don't even know where the people are who are missing and what's happened to them, whether they've been killed or just kidnapped or what.

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