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Author Explores Both Sides of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Author and peace advocate David Grossman has become one of his Israel's leading writers exploring the toll that war and occupation have taken on both Israelis and Palestinians. Jeffrey Brown talks with Grossman about being a writer amid the conflict.

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    In Jerusalem, holy to three religions, echoes of the distant past are all around, but for those who live here, more recent echoes abound, as well.

    As we watched on a beautiful afternoon on Ben Yehuda Street, a popular pedestrian way, people walked, shopped, enjoyed ice cream. Just a few years ago, this street was the scene of several suicide bombings.

    How do people live amid this? How does a writer capture this human drama? In a series of novels that explore the inner lives of Israelis caught up in a very public conflict, David Grossman has become one of his nation's leading writers.

    Last summer, as Israel waged war in Lebanon, the mix of the public and private struck Grossman directly. As a well-known peace advocate, he spoke out against the Israeli incursion. A few days later, he suffered the personal grief of war when his 20-year-old son, Uri, was killed while serving with a tank unit.

    I spoke with David Grossman recently near his home in Jerusalem. He requested that we not discuss the death of his son.

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