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Bald Eagle Removed from Endangered Species List

America's national symbol, the bald eagle, has officially been taken off the endangered species list 40 years after coming close to extinction. The NewsHour reports on how and why this iconic bird is thriving once again.

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    Now, the big comeback of the bald eagle. NewsHour correspondent Lee Hochberg of Oregon Public Broadcasting reports.

  • DENNIS MANZER, Eagle Research Volunteer:

    We don't have very far to go, and we should get some really good looks at these birds.

  • LEE HOCHBERG, NewsHour Correspondent:

    These are exhilarating days for eagle watchers, like Dennis Manzer and Phil Carroll. Carroll is with the Oregon office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the government agency charged with restoring the bald eagle population. Manzer is one of 250 volunteers in Oregon who have monitored the birds for years to see if they're reproducing.


    Last year, they got a healthy singleton off, and this year a repeat of last.

    They're perfectly silhouetted. I can see the chick, too. What a beautiful pair.


    Today's ceremony to remove the bald eagle from the endangered species list was held at the Jefferson Memorial in the nation's capital. Representatives from the government and key conservation groups hailed the de-listing as a rousing success for the act which protected the eagles' habitat.

  • DIRK KEMPTHORNE, U.S. Interior Secretary:

    Today, we mark the return of America's bald eagle to the skies and celebrate the fact that eagles fly free, from sea to shining sea.