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Campaigns Rush to Court Clinton’s Fla. Supporters

Sen. Hillary Clinton held a strong foothold in the key state of Florida during the primaries -- and her supporters are not yet running to either presidential ticket. Judy Woodruff reports on efforts by the Obama and McCain campaigns to court former Clinton supporters.

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    And to our final campaign report from Florida. Judy Woodruff looks at where the former supporters of Hillary Clinton have landed.


    When Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin showed up recently at The Villages, a retirement community north of Orlando, tens of thousands of people turned out. There was a buzz of excitement not seen before she was added to the ticket last month.


    I thought she was wonderful today. Look at the other people that we've had in there. I mean, you can go back to Abraham Lincoln. He came from a farm. What's the matter with her being the governor of Alaska? I think it's a great accomplishment.


    She's honest, and she just says what she is, doesn't try to say what you want to hear.


    I was 100 percent for McCain, but I wasn't jazzed. I've been here for Fred Thompson; I've been here for Giuliani; and I've been here for Romney. And nothing compares to this.


    We didn't run into any former supporters of Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton in this crowd, but Republican organizers say they are finding them, especially since Palin was introduced.

  • GREG TRUAX, McCain Campaign Volunteer:

    Well, the first day, we saw a large number of volunteers come into the office wanting to volunteer. They were saying that they had a connection with Gov. Palin. They were excited to see that Sen. McCain had added a woman to the ticket.

    JIM GREER, Chair, Republican Party of Florida: Democrat women from the Democrat side, the independent side, they're coming out to support Sarah Palin. I met some today that said, "I just want to tell you, Chairman, I'm a Democrat."