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Candidates Push Hard for Support in Ohio, Florida

With five days left before Election Day, the presidential contenders hit critical states Thursday, including Ohio and Florida, both of which President Bush won in 2004. Ray Suarez details Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama's latest moves.

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    Barack Obama bounced across battleground states today, first up, Florida.

    SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D), Illinois: How's everybody doing, Florida?


    Part of Obama's closing argument in Florida and elsewhere includes a pair of new television ads. One touts his support from Republicans like Warren Buffett and Colin Powell; the other suggests John McCain would just duplicate the economic policies of President Bush.


    Wonder where John McCain would take the economy? Look behind you. John McCain wants to continue George Bush's economic policies.


    Obama played off the ad at a rally in Sarasota this morning.


    If you want to know where John McCain will drive this economy, just look in the rearview mirror, because, when it comes to our economic policies, John McCain has been right next to George Bush.

    He's been sitting there in the passenger seat ready to take over every step of the way, voting for the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that he once said he opposed, voting for the Bush budgets that sent us reeling into huge deficits and huge debt, calling for less and less regulation, 21 times just this year.

    In fact, after 21 months and three debates, John McCain has still not been able to tell the American people a single major thing that he would do differently from George Bush when it comes to the economy. Think about it. Think about it.

    You know his attacks on me, but you have no idea how he would do anything differently from George Bush, because he doesn't have any ideas that are different from George Bush when it comes to the economy.

    So you've got to ask yourself, after nine straight months of job losses, the largest drop in home values on record, wages lower than they've been in a decade, why would we keep driving down this dead-end street?

    SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), Arizona: We need to create wealth in this country…