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Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx on Venue Change for Obama Nomination Speech

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx talks to Ray Suarez about the decision to move President Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech from the Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Cable Arena due to concerns about inclement weather and security.

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    And we are back overlooking the convention floor. And let's go to Ray down there. What's going on Ray?


    I'm with Mayor Anthony Foxx, the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, the host city.

    And, mayor, the meteorologists have given us some complicated news. It's making convention week a little difficult for you guys. Tell us more.

    ANTHONY FOXX (D), Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina: Well, look, we have to be concerned with public safety.

    Any event in our stadium would have required people to be in lines for several hours, in all likelihood. And with the threat of thunderstorms, it made sense to cancel the event over at the Bank of America Stadium. It's disappointing for many of the people in North Carolina and elsewhere, but we have got to do what we have to do.


    Did you wait until the very last minute to get the best weather forecasting advice you could before pulling the trigger on a cancellation?


    Well, I think the campaign took enormous pains to wait out the scenario, so that they could make the best call possible.

    Obviously, they could have made a decision several days earlier, but wanted to wait it out to make sure that the forecast really did call for those type of threatening thunderstorms. So, we got the threat, and they made the call, and we're going to make the best of it.


    Now, Mayor, of the many thousands of people who will be disappointed, there are some people to worry about. These were volunteers who had given of their time in order to receive that ticket, not exactly the people you want to make mad at you this close to the Election Day.


    Well, I think people understand Mother Nature, and the reality that the campaign has a vested interest in making sure people are safe.

    I mean, if something had happened, and they'd gone ahead and there had been some kind of disaster associated with the thunderstorms, we wouldn't have been able to forgive ourselves. So, I think it's one of those things. We have to go with it.

    But on the other end of it, the president is doing a conference call with those who are affected tomorrow, and he's also pledging to have an opportunity for all of the folks that were planning to come tomorrow to see him between now and Election Day.


    So he will make another appearance here in Charlotte, maybe to give them another shot at the stadium?


    He's looking to find ways to get people engaged and have another opportunity, yes.


    Mayor Anthony Foxx of Charlotte, thanks a lot, sir.


    Thank you, Ray. Good to be with you.