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Damage in Myanmar Is Revealed as Aid Trickles In

As thousands of people in Myanmar continue to languish in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, humanitarian assistance is slowly trickling in despite disputes with the country's military rulers over the distribution of the aid. Two aid officials update the situation.

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    Next, we hear from one of the relief organizations that's been working in Burma even before the cyclone. Judy Woodruff talked earlier today with Andrew Kirkwood, the country director for Save the Children. He's in Rangoon.


    Andrew Kirkwood, what is the situation there as you know it now?

    ANDREW KIRKWOOD, Save the Children: Just a couple of hours ago, we heard the latest death toll is up to about 116,000. And that was compiled from the U.N. from sort of collating a number of independent assessments that have come in.


    And where is most of the death toll?


    It's in pretty much all the southern part of the delta. If you look at that part of a — if you look at a map, it's that whole southern part of the Irrawaddy Delta.