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Democratic Party’s ‘Unity’ Remains Intact

Despite fractions between Democrats who support Sens. Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama, Gov. Howard Dean, chair of the Democratic National Committee, asserts that party members have set aside their differences and are united behind a common interest to win the 2008 election.

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    Jim, I am with Gov. Dean, standing here on the podium of this convention.

    Governor, it's an hour-and-a-half old, this convention. How's it going so far?

  • HOWARD DEAN, Chairman, Democratic National Committee:

    Pretty exciting. I think it's great. I feel very optimistic. I think the selection of Joe Biden was a homerun, certainly in this hall, and I think it will be in the country as a whole, and I'm pretty optimistic.


    You've been working on this convention for almost four years. How much do you have riding on this as the chairman of the party?


    Well, it's not so much what I have riding. This is a great opportunity to present ourselves to the West.

    The road to the White House leads through the West. You know, Westerners are pretty libertarian, whether they're Democratic or Republican. They don't like big government, and they don't like big spenders, and the Republicans have become both big government and big spenders.

    We really have an opportunity here, and that's why we're working so hard out here.