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Democrats, Republicans Fight for Control of the House

Democrats need a net gain of 15 seats currently held by Republicans to win control of the House. The senior political editor for The Cook Report discusses the chances of a switch in power.

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    The big election and where things stand as of tonight. We begin with the House, and to Margaret Warner.


    To win control of the House, Democrats need a net gain of 15 seats currently held by Republicans. For the latest assessment of the House race landscape, we're joined by Amy Walter, senior editor of the Cook Political Report.

    Amy, the Democrats have been on the offense pretty much throughout this season. How does it look now on the eve of the election?

  • AMY WALTER, The Cook Political Report:

    Well, you're quite correct, Margaret, that this has been almost exclusively an offensive operation by Democrats. They have very few of their own seats in danger, and they've put something like 50 seats, maybe a couple more, held by Republicans in play.

    I think, going into this election tomorrow night, it still looks as if Democrats are going to make significant gains, certainly more than the 15 they would need to pick up control of Congress. It's just a question of how big this wave looks on election night, and that we don't quite know yet.

    But looking at the overall playing field, looking at where these seats sit right now, the polls, it looks like we're going to see at least 20 seats, maybe significantly more, up to 30.