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Detroit Tigers Defy Expectations in Bid for World Series

The Detroit Tigers beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the second game of the World Series Sunday. NewsHour Correspondent Elizabeth Brackett of WTTW in Chicago reports on a comeback for the Tigers and what their place in the World Series means to the struggling city of Detroit.

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  • ELIZABETH BRACKETT, NewsHour Correspondent:

    It was hardly baseball weather, temperatures hovering in the low 40s, freezing drizzle. But for Detroit Tiger fans streaming into the team's stadium for Game Two of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, it didn't matter. What mattered was, after 22 years, their team was back in the World Series.

  • VAUGHN CALLOWAY, Detroit Tigers Fan:

    I was here in '84. And it meant a lot, because what it brought to the city. It brung the city closer together, you know, people having a lot of fun, which they're all having a lot of fun now. And just being down here, watching Detroit just grow, and watch what it came from in '84 compared to it now in '06 has just been tremendous.


    Fans were thrilled, both for their team and for their city, which has been down a rough road with an economy in tatters and one-third of its residents living below the poverty level. Just a few blocks away near the old Tiger Stadium, Detroit's landscape remains blighted. But last night, fans wanted the world to know it's not just the baseball team that's changed in Detroit.

  • MARTELL DEFLORE, Detroit Tigers Fan:

    They always think, "Detroit, oh, they're going to fight. They're going to have riots." No, no, nope Detroit. We're full of love, and everything's going to be great.

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