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Essayist Clarence Page Reflects on Journalists in Movies

Essayist Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune discusses the images of journalists as presented in Hollywood films.

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  • CLARENCE PAGE, Chicago Tribune:

    If the poet Robert Burns were a film critic, he might well say, "Oh, what a gift the movies give us journalists to see ourselves as others see us." Take, for example, Woody Allen's movie, "Scoop." Please.

    HUGH JACKMAN, Actor, "Scoop": You're very different from the women I usually meet.

    SCARLETT JOHANSSON, Actress, "Scoop": Hmm, I hope that's a good thing?


    Well, I just can't seem to get the vision of you in your swimsuit out of my mind.


    Oh, I'm glad you liked it. It was marked down.


    Scarlett Johansson plays an earnest young reporter who promptly sleeps with her source to get a big story.

    AARON ECKHART, Actor, "Thank You for Smoking": This experience has taught me an important lesson: Having sexual affairs with members of the press is just unfair.


    So does Katie Holmes as another earnest young journalist in "Thank You for Smoking." The message is clear…


    A meaningless affair with a seductress in the form of a young, brunette Washington reporter named…


    Journalism goes with prostitution like popcorn with movies.