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Feuding Palestinian Factions Sign Government Deal

Even after the two main Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, came to an agreement on a unity government, fighting between the two groups has continued in Gaza. Independent Television News reports on the efforts to end clashes and enforce a cease-fire.

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  • INIGO GILMORE, ITV News Special Correspondent:

    Two brothers, from two opposing factions, both recently injured in the same battle. Tahseen al-Otel on the left is from Hamas; his sibling, Hamada, nursing an eye wound, from Fatah.

    They say they'll never point guns at each other, but sensibly they live on separate floors of the family house. They're able to laugh about it now, but after the bloody chaos of recent days, these two, more than most, are desperate to see the talks in Mecca bring about some lasting calm.

    "We need to clean the streets of weapons," says Hamada, "and sit down and make an agreement between the two sides."

    Out on the streets, though, no sign of anyone relinquishing those weapons anytime soon. At this busy Gaza intersection, the tension is unmistakable. Some ominous obstacles have been erected, ready in the event that talks in Mecca fall apart.

    National security police loyal to President Abbas' Fatah faction are not happy being filmed. We're ordered to leave.

    "This is a closed military zone," the soldier tells us. It's a term usually used by the Israeli military. Nearby, Hamas gunmen, from their executive force, are more willing to flaunt their weapons, fingers, of course, never far from the trigger.

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