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Fort Lewis Memorializes Fallen Soldiers from Iraq War

Washington's Fort Lewis, the nation's third-largest Army post, has endured numerous losses from the Iraq war, many from Stryker brigades that patrol Baghdad. NewsHour correspondent Lee Hochberg reports on how the base is coping with the deaths.

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    Finally tonight, the Iraq war impact on an Army base in Washington state. NewsHour correspondent Lee Hochberg of Oregon Public Broadcasting reports.

  • LEE HOCHBERG, NewsHour Correspondent:

    Last month was the deadliest month of the war for Washington state's Fort Lewis, the nation's third-largest Army post. Twenty soldiers from the post lost their lives in Iraq. In June, there have already been 13 more deaths, 30 percent of all the U.S. military deaths in Iraq this month.

    More than 10,000 of Fort Lewis' 28,000 soldiers are in Iraq. Many of the casualties are from its Stryker brigades that patrol in frontline operations in and around Baghdad. In the space of nine days, the Fort Lewis field house hosted a numbing series of memorials, fellow brigade members eulogizing the dead.

    It's become a challenge to adequately honor so many fallen soldiers. A June 5th service for four members of the Fourth Stryker Brigade; another on June 7th for a member of the Third Stryker Brigade; a June 12th memorial for three more soldiers of the Fourth brigade; then, Thursday, a wrenching service for what originally was going to be three fallen members of the Third brigade, but grew to nine.

  • MAJ. KYLE MARSH, U.S. Army:

    Although we've assembled far more often than any of us desire, I want to thank each of you for taking the time to pause, reflect and to honor this team of Arrowhead heroes.