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Foundation Invites Disadvantaged to Attend Inauguration

'The People's Inaugural Project,' a faith-based charity program founded by Earl Stafford, will bring 400 disadvantaged people to Washington D.C. for Inauguration Day to stay in a hotel and participate in meals, balls, and parties. Mr. Stafford discusses the $1.5 million undertaking.

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    Among the hundreds of thousands descending on Washington for the inauguration are some 400 disadvantaged people who are coming as guests of a charity group.

    The faith-based Stafford Foundation is spending $1.5 million to put them up at a Pennsylvania Avenue hotel and host a prayer breakfast, a King Day luncheon, and two inaugural balls at the hotel.

    Here to tell us more about the People's Inaugural Project is Earl Stafford, who created the foundation six years ago. He previously ran a Virginia-based defense technology company.

    And, Mr. Stafford, welcome.

    What you are do something is a very inspiring story. What inspired you to do this?

  • EARL STAFFORD, The Stafford Foundation:

    Well, thank you for the invitation.

    I was inspired — we are a Christian family. And we were inspired some time ago to do something for the underserved and those who typically wouldn't have an opportunity to participate in such an historic event to do something there.

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