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Growing Foreign Policy Concerns Add Challenges for Obama

President-elect Barack Obama will soon take on the challenges of two wars and a complex international arena. Two former national security advisers present the ideal foreign policy agenda from their new book.

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    Two former national security advisers have drafted their own agenda for the new president. It's in a book titled "America and the World: Conversations on the Future of American Foreign Policy."

    Zbigniew Brzezinski was national security adviser to President Carter. Brent Scowcroft filled that same position for both President Ford and the first President Bush.

    Gentlemen, welcome. Let's start where, well, the campaign began, really, with Iraq, and how to extricate the United States from that. The Obama campaign made assurances to the people of the United States that he would begin the process of getting us out, but how?

    ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, Former National Security Adviser to President Carter: Well, he has stated that he will try to remove brigades, four brigades, of course, in the months immediately after the inaugural, over 16-months period. That's a commitment he made. And I assume he'll try to fulfill it.

    But I do recognize that, in addition to that commitment, once he becomes president, in my judgment, he will have to talk to the Iraqis about a date certain for withdrawal, see whether they have any strong views on this subject, but not just the Iraqis in the government, but also outside that government.

    And he will have to talk to the neighbors of Iraq regarding the consequences for them of a U.S. withdrawal.

    All of that, I think, will create, perhaps, a greater degree of confidence regarding the consequences of the U.S. disengagement.