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Health Workers Renew Fight Against Polio in Nigeria

Polio continues to be a major medical problem in Nigeria where suspicions about vaccines and other issues have revived the crippling disease. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Nigeria on efforts to curb the polio problem.

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    Next, another in our series of stories on global health issues. Tonight, tackling the scourge of polio.

    Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Nigeria.

  • FRED DE SAM LAZARO, NewsHour Correspondent:

    For as long as he's walked, 48-year-old Aminu Ahmed Twada has walked on his hands. His lower limbs are withered by polio. He lives in one of the last places on Earth still threatened by the disease.

    Nigeria has vast oil reserves, but political instability and economic mismanagement have brought widespread poverty. The average life expectancy is just 45.

    But Twada's is a story of success against daunting odds. He has a thriving business in tricycles used by the handicapped. But he has a much grimmer message that he tries to get across to parents as he coaxes them to immunize their kids.

  • AMINU AHMED TWADA (through translator):

    I will tell them, "Do you want your son to be like me? Look at me. I am a polio victim. I cannot join police. I cannot join army. I cannot even join football."

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