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High-tech India Contrasts With Rural Ways

India has benefited from supplying other countries with outsourcing services from computer help to legal document analysis, while in other parts of the country poor farmers are struggling to make a living. NewsHour special correspondent Simon Marks reports on the two Indias.

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    Now, part three of our series on India, a nation of high-tech innovation amid traditional poverty. Special correspondent Simon Marks reports.

    SIMON MARKS, NewsHour special correspondent: It's dawn in The Springs, a manicured suburb of new homes that look like they could be anywhere in middle America. Sprinkler systems water lawns, dogs bark, and Sirisha Gummaregula leaves home for another day in the office on the cutting edge of India's economic explosion.

    SIRISHA GUMMAREGULA, chief operating officer, QuisLex: It's always for me exciting to go to work, because I think I control about, you know, maybe 40 percent of my day, and the rest, 60 percent, is, you know, things that are happening, you know, because you're executing these really tight deadline projects.


    Sirisha lives and works in Hyderabad, a city in southern India that is in the vanguard of the country's embrace of high-tech industries. So much so that one area of Hyderabad is even called "High Tech City"; the locals have dubbed it "Cyberabad."

    Sirisha's office block houses several major industry players, including Google's local operation. And it houses her own company, a legal firm called QuisLex, that she started when she returned to India five years ago after more than a decade working as an attorney in Manhattan.


    I did not expect to stay as long as I did. My plan was to get a couple of years experience and then bring it back to India. But I was having a lot of fun doing what I was doing, and so progressed enough in the career, and then again started thinking about, you know, how to come back to India.


    And the difference between the India that you left and the India that you came back to?


    Is yawning. It's a huge difference.