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Holocaust Museum Exhibit Spotlights Suffering in Darfur

Photographs of Darfur are being projected on the exterior walls of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to spotlight the plight of people in that region of Sudan.

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    This week in Washington, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is sending the public a message about Darfur — even the public that doesn't visit the museum — by projecting pictures of civilian suffering in Sudan onto its building's exterior. I spoke with museum director Sara Bloomfield.

    Well, here we are in this museum so closely identified in the public's mind with the mass murder of Jews and others during World War II. Why are you taking up the cause of Darfur?

  • SARA BLOOMFIELD, Director, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum:

    We were conceived, not just as a museum, but as something very unique: a living memorial. This was Elie Wiesel's idea for this museum, that we would teach, not just the history of the Holocaust, but the lessons of the Holocaust.

    Those are lessons about the fragility of freedom, about the important of the dignity of the individual, and about the ongoing need to address the issues of hate, of anti-Semitism, of genocide. So this was part of our conception from the beginning.

    And we feel that the most powerful way to pay tribute to the 6 million Jews and the millions of others murdered by the Nazis is to try to prevent future genocides and to do so in their name. That is the power of the memorial.

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