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House Hopes to Enact 9/11 Commission Recommendations

The House is pushing for legislation to enact the 9/11 commission's recommendations, including distributing homeland security funding and inspecting air and ship cargo. NewsHour correspondent Kwame Holman reports on the congressional activity.

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    House Democrats campaigned on the promise to pass the outstanding recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, arguing the last Republican-controlled Congress failed to implement critical provisions,leaving the nation vulnerable to attack.

    Now in the majority, Democrats today moved to fulfill that promise, the beginning of their much-touted 100-hour legislative blitz.

    REP. LLOYD DOGGETT (D), Texas: We are not now moving too quickly by finally enacting recommendations in 2007 that were issued in 2004 about a tragedy that occurred in 2001.

    Just as with the deepening quagmire in the Iraq civil war and the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina debacle, this administration wastes precious time and squanders precious dollars.

    Many of those, who by their neglect have earned failing grades from the independent 9/11 Commission, continue rejecting this long-overdue legislation to make our families safer here at home, while at the same time they urge us to engage in more misadventure abroad.