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House Passes a Number of Reforms in First 100 Hours of Session

The House of Representatives passed an energy bill Thursday to close the first 100 legislative hours of the new congressional session, which included the passage of a number of bills promised by Democrats in their fall campaigns. A guest discusses the agenda, as well as what's next for this session.

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    Now, the House Democrats' first 100 hours, and what comes next. Margaret Warner has the story.


    Today's easy passage of the energy bill capped off a whirlwind two weeks for House Democrats. This afternoon, House Leader Nancy Pelosi celebrated their accomplishments.

    REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), Speaker of the House: We have demonstrated that the Congress of the United States is not a place where good ideas and the optimism of the American people go to die. It is a place where issues that have relevance to the everyday lives of America's working families will receive the respect and the change that they desire.


    Adopted in the first 100 legislative hours were the items Democrats promised in their "Six for '06" campaign agenda.

  • They voted to:

    beef up cargo security and enact other recommendations of the 9/11 Commission; raise the federal minimum wage; loosen restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research; require the government to negotiate for lower Medicare drug prices; reduce interest rates on federal student loans; and cut subsidies and tax breaks for oil and gas companies. Earlier, the House adopted changes in its ethics and lobbying rules, as well.

    For a look now at where this agenda is headed, I'm joined by Daphne Retter, who covers the Hill for Congressional Quarterly.

    And, Daphne, welcome.

  • DAPHNE RETTER, Congressional Quarterly:

    Thanks for having me.

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