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IMF, World Bank Members Mull Third World Aid

International Monetary Fund and World Bank officials are meeting in Washington to discuss international efforts to combat poverty and aid development in the face of the global financial crisis. Members talk about their concerns and ideas.

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    Finance ministers from around the world arrived in Washington today to begin a weekend of meetings with one crucial purpose: finding ways to provide new medicine for an ailing global economy.

  • The occasion:

    annual meetings at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

    But this year's meetings are anything but routine. This time, they're set amid an urgent backdrop: The global economy is in its worst recession since the Great Depression.

    And this weekend, finance ministers are trying to come to terms with delivering hundreds of billions of dollars in aid promised by world leaders. Carolyn Atkinson is with the International Monetary Fund, the IMF.

  • CAROLINE ATKINSON, International Monetary Fund:

    The attempt to raise money is a big item on the agenda. We want to reach agreement amongst all of those countries or their representatives on the new money for the IMF, on the new lending programs that we hope to do, the ways in which we hope to lend them, on some agreement to move on help for the low-income countries.

    So we have a very full agenda that was, in a sense, the ball was set rolling by the G-20.