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Immigration Shapes Las Vegas’ Political, Economic Growth

Although Las Vegas is internationally known as an entertainment capital, job growth has spurred a population and development boom in the city. As part of the Big Picture election series, Ray Suarez looks at the changing demographics of the city's residents.

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    Now, campaign 2008, and the introduction of a new feature called "The Big Picture." The idea is to spend some time with people in different parts of the country and find out what's really on their minds this election year. Our goal is to spark a national dialogue about the issues that matter to people, both on-camera and online. For starters, Judy Woodruff and Ray Suarez have traveled to Las Vegas.



    Jim, Nevada is holding its presidential caucuses on January the 19th, which is about two weeks after Iowa. So the folks out here in the west could have a significant role to play in winnowing down the candidates in both political parties.

    The polls here show that the war in Iraq is a main concern. And so on this day when they're observing Veterans Day, we came to a place where they're recognizing wounded warriors from that war and others. It is the Marine Corps Leatherneck Club.

  • BILL STOJACK, U.S. Navy (Ret.):

    The majority of conversation I hear is obviously from the circle of people I'm associated with, and it's we don't hear the good news. And that's very disturbing to people, because they know firsthand that there are good things going on.

  • MARK CHRISTIANSON, U.S. Army (Ret.):

    This isn't about the current president. It's not about the future president. It's about the country. We as a country need to stand as the leader of freedom, the beacon of hope in the world to confront this terror.