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Impact of Mumbai Attacks Resonates Throughout India

Anger and grief from the Mumbai attacks has spread throughout Indian cities and villages both large and small as people struggle to make sense of the bloodshed. NewsHour special correspondent Simon Marks reports from India on reaction to the attacks around the country.

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    Next tonight, special correspondent Simon Marks wraps up a week of reporting from India with reaction to last week's terror attacks from beyond Mumbai.

  • SIMON MARKS, NewsHour Special Correspondent:

    It's wedding season in India. And on the streets of Ahmedabad, 340 miles north of Mumbai, it's a good time of year to be in the celebratory music business.

    Hundreds of weddings in Mumbai itself have been postponed, with couples no longer finding the dancing in the streets associated with Indian marriages appropriate, given the tragic events of last week.

    But here, in India's sixth-largest city, with a population of 5 million, ceremonies are going ahead as normal. Wedding guests told us they sympathize with the losses suffered by their fellow Indians and want to see the government strike back at neighboring Pakistan, which is being blamed for the attack.

  • VARUN PUJARA (through translator):

    It is very wrong that these terrorists came to India. The politicians need to take a harsh stance toward these mad men so it will never happen again.

    And I think we should attack Pakistan. I think we should teach them a lesson so they never, even think of doing it again.


    Cities like Ahmedabad have seen explosive growth over the past 20 years; commercial areas, shopping malls, and office blocks are sprouting up everywhere.

    India is witnessing an enormous population shift, as people leave the countryside and follow what they hope will be a path to prosperity in the cities.

    More than 35 Indian cities now boast a population larger than one million, and many of these new Indian urbanites are globally connected. They tuned in last week in enormous numbers as the country's cable networks provided continuing coverage of the crisis in Mumbai.