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India, Pakistan Celebrate 60 Years of Independence

Celebratory events continued this week in honor of the 60th year of independence for India and Pakistan. Independent Television News reports on the occasion.

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  • INIGO GILMORE, ITV News Special Correspondent:

    For a brief, beguiling moment, his recent woes were set aside, as President Pervez Musharraf indulged in a little patriotic flag-waving. Pakistanis are a proud people, and the 60th anniversary of the country's founding is being celebrated with fervor among its 170 million people.

    But behind the singing and smiles, there's a dark mood of foreboding for a country whose future has never looked more uncertain. Hovering impassively above the celebrations in Islamabad, the father of the nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His vision of moderate, progressive state at peace with its neighbors is far removed from the conflict-ridden, militarized, and nuclear-armed Pakistan of today. And from Pakistan's prime minister, a stark reminder to his neighbor, India.

  • SHAUKAT AZIZ, Prime Minister, Pakistan (through translator):

    Our nuclear command and control structure is established on a very strong foundation. We have the capability to protect our nuclear installations. A weak nation cannot establish peace.


    There's been little of that since the Indian subcontinent was partitioned into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu-dominated India in 1947. Up to a million people died in the related unrest, and many families on both sides of the border are still scarred by that tragedy.

    In Pakistan's biggest city, Karachi, Mohammed is from one of those families. He was 14 when he fled Delhi on a train with his grandmother. He speaks fondly of his childhood and weeps for the life and brother he left behind.

  • MOHAMMED YUSUF, Partition Survivor (through translator):

    Once, we were not divided. Now, we are now divided into three places, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. For which one should we weep?

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