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India’s Government Under Scrutiny After Mumbai Attacks

The terror attacks in Mumbai, India, have shaken the city's citizens and raised questions on the government's response. Simon Marks reports from Mumbai on how residents across the city are reacting to the deadly siege.

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    More anger in the streets of Mumbai. We have a report from special correspondent Simon Marks.

  • SIMON MARKS, NewsHour Special Correspondent:

    It is Asia's largest slum. Dharavi, in the center of Mumbai, is effectively a city within a city, a rabbit warren of sometimes Dickensian living conditions that is home to an estimated 600,000 people.

    And today, while the artisans of Dharavi were at work as usual, grinding turmeric for use in daily cooking, pouring kerosene used in the slum for cooking and heating, and mending fraying clothing, their numbers were swelled by slum residents who said they still don't feel safe enough to venture into the south of the city, where last week's attacks took place.

  • HUSAIN PIRASI, Tailor (through translator):

    We got very anxious watching it all unfold on TV. The children didn't go to school, and some people did not go to work.


    The residents of Dharavi were unscathed by last week's assault. None of them was caught up in the indiscriminate attacks that started last Wednesday night and killed more than 180 people.

    But they all told us they followed events relentlessly on television. And like city residents who were directly affected by the drama, they are angry at the government for not adequately securing the country.

  • INDIAN CITIZEN (through translator):

    We feel very angry that they came into India, really angry.


    And some voices here are urging the Indian government to strike back at Pakistan, which Delhi blames for sponsoring the terrorists who landed on Indian shores last week.

    The Indian government is demanding that Pakistan hand over 20 fugitives, including two suspected Islamic militant leaders, from the disputed region of Kashmir. The leader of a group representing residents of Dharavi says it's time for India to declare war on its neighbor.


    Why don't Indians attack Pakistan? Why not attack it? There are about 100 million people are staying in India. Pakistan is such a small place. It would take hardly one-and-a-half to two hours to capture Pakistan.