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Investigation Continues on Former L.A. Policeman on Deadly Shooting Spree

The week-long manhunt for ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner seems to be at an end. A police standoff in southern California ended in the burning down of a cabin where Dorner was allegedly hiding.

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    The manhunt that kept Southern California on edge for more than a week appeared to be over today. Still, the investigation continued in the Big Bear Lake area after the apparent demise of a former-policeman-turned-killer.

    It came down to this cabin in the woods burning furiously as daylight waned Tuesday near Big Bear Lake. Police said Christopher Dorner went in, but never came out. Today, investigators said charred human remains were found inside, along with a driver's license in Dorner's name.

    The fugitive former Los Angeles police officer was suspected of killing four people over the course of nine days. He had vowed revenge for being fired from the force. Dorner disappeared in the Big Bear area on Friday, then suddenly reappeared yesterday. He stole two cars and got into a running gunfight with game wardens.

    LT. PATRICK FOY, California Department of Fish and Wildlife: He rolled down his window and he opened fire on the two officers who were in the second Fish and Game patrol truck right behind him. Ultimately, the officer who was driving that vehicle stopped and pulled out his patrol rifle and engaged probably 15 to 20 shots as Dorner was driving away.


    The entire Big Bear area was cordoned off. Schools were in lockdown mode, and San Bernardino police set up checkpoints and searched cars for Dorner or anyone who might be assisting him.

  • MAN:

    We was really scared. Every — as soon as that happens, I wake up every day like three or four or six times a night looking in the windows, looking at my gun, making sure I have bullets, you know, be prepared.


    Dorner ultimately took refuge in the vacant cabin, where he got into another intense firefight with San Bernardino sheriff's deputies. One was killed, and another wounded.

    A short time later, the fire broke out after a SWAT team assaulted the building. A single shot was heard, and then nothing. Today, as tensions across the region eased, one of Dorner's earlier victims was laid to rest. Riverside police officer Michael Crain's hearse was followed by a long procession of his law enforcement colleagues.

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