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Investigators Seek More Facts on Blackwater Shootout

Investigations continue over the Sept. 16 Baghdad shootout involving private security firm Blackwater USA, with an Iraqi probe claiming that at least 13 civilians died in the incident. A New York Times reporter in Baghdad provides an update on the case.

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    The investigations and questions continue over the September 16th Baghdad shootings involving the private security firm Blackwater. Even the number of dead is still in dispute.

    We get an update from Baghdad from Alissa Rubin of the New York Times. Margaret Warner talked with her earlier this evening.


    Alissa Rubin of the New York Times, thanks for being with us. Give us the latest from Baghdad on this Blackwater incident. Have you been able to confirm, for instance, what the A.P. is reporting today, that the Iraqi probe has ended and concluded with a recommendation that the Blackwater guards be tried in Iraqi courts?

  • ALISSA RUBIN, New York Times:

    Our information is that that report is not complete and has not yet been sent to Prime Minister Maliki. I'm sure that they will conclude that the guards are to be tried in Iraqi court. It's certainly what everyone has said almost from the beginning when there have been these incidents with PSCs where Iraqi civilians have been killed.

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