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Karadzic Faces Criminal Charges After Capture

Arrested after some 10 years in hiding, former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic is slated to stand trial soon for his war crimes. Independent Television News examines the details of his arrest and the road ahead for a trial.

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    Finally tonight, two reports on the arrest and forthcoming war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, the first from Bill Neely of Independent Television News in Belgrade.


    Block 267, Yuri Gagarin Street, home to the man charged with mass murder and genocide. When Radovan Karadzic left his flat in this block a few days ago, he'd no idea he was being followed and that his freedom was all but finished. He was Dr. Davic, after all, known to his neighbors as "Grandpa."


    I still can't believe that he lives in my neighborhood, that he was a wanted man.


    Karadzic was a regular at this cafe, where he could look at his own picture on the wall next to that of Ratko Mladic, his former army commander.

    In fact, he could see Mladic more often than that. ITV News has discovered that Mladic, now the most wanted man in Europe, lived 400 yards from Karadzic, two indicted war criminals, neighbors for years. Not surprisingly, people here won't say what Mladic looks like now or where he is today.

    Serbia is still amazed and amused at how Karadzic the war leader could transform himself into David the healer, who sold lucky charms. But it's now clear Serbia's secret police were lucky, too. They thought their intelligence contacts were leading them to arrest Mladic. Instead, they got Karadzic.

    DEJAN ANASTASIJEVIC, investigative journalist: I believe it's not entirely a coincidence, because I am sure that the same unreformed, hardcore elements of the intelligence services who were protecting Karadzic are also protecting Mladic.


    Karadzic was arrested on board bus No. 73, where today they were only half-joking that Mladic might be sitting next to them.

    Karadzic was picked up on this route without a struggle, without any incident. But intelligence officials are convinced that the other main war crimes suspect, Ratko Mladic, is also living a very ordinary life in this city, disguised perhaps, but living and traveling just as freely as Karadzic.

    Karadzic's brother saw him today in jail. He has two more days to appeal and then he'll be extradited. Then, said his lawyer, he will conduct his own defense.