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Lamont Wins Connecticut Primary, Lieberman to Run as Independent

After losing the Democratic primary in Connecticut, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, announced he will continue his bid to keep his seat by running as an independent.

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    Normally on the day after a primary election, one campaign continues, the other folds its tent. But as we're seeing today, that's not the case in Connecticut.

    Ned Lamont, fresh off his come-from-behind defeat of three-term incumbent Senator Joseph Lieberman last night, was the most popular guy in the room today.

    NED LAMONT (D), Candidate for U.S. Senate: We're going to go forward, and I think we can change Washington, D.C., challenge the Bush administration, and put forward a strong, constructive alternative agenda of what he's doing to this country.


    Connecticut Democrats turned out in record numbers yesterday, casting 52 percent of their votes for Lamont, 48 percent for Lieberman. But the race is far from over: Lieberman, who only six years ago was his party's vice presidential nominee, submitted 18,000 signatures today to file for an independent run in November.

    SEN. JOSEPH LIEBERMAN (D), Connecticut: I am in this race to the end. For me, it is a cause, and it is a cause not to let this Democratic Party that I joined with the inspiration of President Kennedy in 1960 to be taken over by people who are so far from the mainstream of American life that I fear we will not elect Democrats in the numbers that we should in the future.