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Lawmakers Investigate CIA Interrogation Tape Disposal

The Senate Intelligence Committee questioned U.S. officials behind closed doors Tuesday about the destruction of CIA tapes of the interrogations of top terror suspects. Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., and Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., discuss the congressional probe.

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    The CIA's disclosure that it destroyed tapes of terror suspects' interrogations conducted in 2002 is having a domino effect in Washington. The Justice Department and Congress have both launched investigations, and CIA chief Michael Hayden was called to account today on Capitol Hill.

    There remain more questions than answers. Here to tackle some of them are two members of Congress with special interest in the topic.

    Republican Kit Bond of Missouri is vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He attended today's Hayden briefing. And Democrat Jane Harman of California served eight years on the House Intelligence Committee, including four as its ranking Democrat.

    Welcome to you both.

    SEN. KIT BOND (R), Missouri: Thank you.