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Leaders from North, South Korea Take Steps Toward Peace Treaty

Leaders from North and South Korea met to discuss a peace treaty that will formally end the Korean War. Independent Television News reports on the meeting between the long-divided Asian countries.

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    Some moves toward reconciliation between North and South Korea. Lindsey Hilsum of Independent Television News has this report on the Korean summit that ended today.

  • LINDSEY HILSUM, ITV News Correspondent:

    Signed and sealed, but will it be delivered? North Korea's dear leader and his South Korean counterpart today agreed to a peace and economic cooperation pact.

  • BAEK JONG-CHUN, South Korean Presidential Secretary (through translator):

    South Korea and North Korea agreed that there is a need to build a permanent peaceful system and move on beyond the current cease-fire agreement. Both nations agreed to cooperate and hold a three-party or four-party talk summit on the peninsula in order to officially declare the end of war.