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Lieberman Defends Decision to Run as Independent in U.S. Senate Race

After serving as Connecticut's U.S. Senator for 18 years, Democrat Joe Lieberman lost his party's primary on Tuesday. Having announced his decision to run as an "Independent Democrat", Lieberman discusses why he will continue his campaign into the fall general election.

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    And now to Senator Joe Lieberman, now an independent candidate for re-election. Welcome, Senator.


    Good to be with you, Gwen. I'm an independent Democratic candidate for senator.


    OK, well, that leads to my first question: Why are you doing this? Why are you running as an independent?


    Well, I'm doing this because I want to continue the discussion that barely got started during the primary campaign when my opponent distorted so much of my record.

    I'm doing it, also, frankly, because I'm fed up with the partisanship in Washington and the way in which primaries have skewered our whole political system, where people on either end of the spectrum tend to dominate primaries and it leaves out all the people in the middle. I want to offer a choice to all of the people in the middle in November.

    And the premise of my campaign to the people of Connecticut will be quite simple: This is about the future. This is about your future. And you've got to decide which one of us, Joe Lieberman, Ned Lamont or the Republican candidate, can do a better job for you. And I think, on the record, I'm the person who can do that better job.