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March 5, 2021PBS NewsHour full episode

Friday on the NewsHour...

Editor’s Note: David Brooks  has asked to add this addendum to his comments on the program on March 5:
“I'd like to revisit one thing I said about the Weave Project on the Newshour Friday. I said there was complete disclosure of Weave donors. I said this because I was well aware of the Aspen Institute's policy of transparency, making public all donations, especially corporate ones. Aspen released the list of Weave donors to reporters when asked, and all donors to Weave are now on the Weave website, but I learned Saturday, the day after the segment, that at some point over the last few years the Aspen website fell behind in listing all donors, including Facebook. Aspen publicly acknowledged this problem in a statement Saturday and is working to fix it.”

Friday on the NewsHour, the Senate debate intensifies ahead of critical votes on President Biden's COVID economic relief bill, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reveals what she says is the real unemployment rate and why she supports going big on economic aid to Americans, and David Brooks and Jonathan Capehart consider the COVID relief debate, the divide on voting rights and police reform efforts.

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