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McCain Spokesman Defends Palin Pick and her Privacy

Amid growing controversy surrounding the personal and professional life of Sarah Palin, Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the GOP campaign, asserts her strengths as a running mate, her appeal on the ticket and her family's right to privacy.

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    So how did McCain come to choose Sarah Palin? For that, we turn to McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds.

    Thank you for joining us.

  • TUCKER BOUNDS, McCain Campaign Spokesman:

    Thanks, Gwen.


    Do you want to jump in on the argument we just heard with Mark and David? Where do you come down?


    Well, I think that they both make valid points, although I do have to agree with David. You know, we have to take into consideration that this is a private family matter, and the family had hoped that it would remain a private family matter. We should all have some respect for that.

    Additionally, I think we have to ask ourselves if this is the type of questioning that we'd be asking if we were talking about a male candidate. I think it's a unique situation, but I think that there's — I have to agree with both of them.

    There's an extraordinary amount of attention being paid to her time as it relates to her home. And I think that some of that may have crossed the line a bit.

    I know that both of our opponents that we're running against haven't been facing questions about the ramifications of their home life and some of that sacrifice.