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Militant Violence Continues to Wrack Iraqi Capital

Despite a concerted effort between Iraqi forces and the expanded U.S. military presence to quell attacks in Baghdad, violence has continued in the Iraqi capital. New York Times reporter Marc Santora details the weekend's car bombings and attacks on U.S. troops.

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    Marc Santora, welcome. We are hearing today reports of what appears to be a coordinated attack on a U.S. combat post north of Baghdad. What can you tell us about that?

  • MARC SANTORA, New York Times:

    Yes, it's fascinating, actually. What we saw today was a coordinated assault on what they call combat outpost about 30 miles north of Baghdad.

    And while the American military is saying very little about what happened, we've been able to piece together from residents nearby an account of an assault this morning that began with at least one car bomb, probably included two and maybe three car bombs, followed by a siege on the base. And two American soldiers were killed, 17 wounded.

    But beyond the attack itself, as the Americans moved forward with their new strategy here, while they'll be placing these combat outpost-type places throughout Baghdad, it highlights the increased danger that they might face.