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Minneapolis Bridge Reopens Following Last Year’s Deadly Collapse

Thirteen months after a bridge collapse killed 13 people in Minnesota, a new 10-lane structure reopens to traffic Thursday morning. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on the engineering behind the I-35W's multi-million-dollar reconstruction.

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    Finally tonight, another rebuilding story, this one out of Minneapolis. A little more than a year after the deadly I-35 bridge collapse, its replacement opens to traffic tomorrow.

    Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro has our Science Unit report.

  • FRED DE SAM LAZARO, NewsHour Correspondent:

    Workers put on the final touches Monday morning as a host of dignitaries gathered on the new bridge, finished three months ahead of schedule. But the celebration has been muted, as U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters noted.

    MARY PETERS, U.S. Secretary of Transportation: This is kind of a bittersweet day. It's a day that we remember those who tragically lost their lives and those who were injured here, but also a day of new beginning, as we see this new crossing bring the community back together again.


    A memorial was announced, to be built in a nearby park for the 13 who lost their lives and 145 who were injured in one of the most spectacular infrastructure failures in U.S. history.

    REP. JAMES OBERSTAR (D), Minnesota: Out of mind-numbing tragedy has come an engineering marvel. Out of the rubble of failure of a bridge has come a lesson for the future of bridge engineering and construction.