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Missouri Democrats Use Stem Cell Research as Key Issue in Elections

Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill is hoping that support for embryonic stem cell research will be the key to ousting incumbent Republican Senator Jim Talent in Missouri's midterm elections. A special NewsHour series of election year reports - Choices '06 - looks at stem cell politics.

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    For more than 50 years, every major politician in Missouri has come here, to the Governor's Ham Breakfast at the Summer State Fair. And in a critical election year like this one, it's a must-do for incumbents and their challengers.

    One of those challengers is Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill. She's hoping to convince some of the rural voters here in Republican-heavy southwestern Missouri to help send her to Washington in November.

    Two months before Election Day, McCaskill is in a dead heat with incumbent Republican Senator Jim Talent. Like others in his party seeking re-election this year, Talent is burdened by President Bush's low approval ratings, the Iraq war, and polls that show an increasingly anti-incumbent public.

  • CHERYL SIMMONS, Missouri Citizen:

    Time for a change, time for a new one. Let's see some stuff happening. Quit talking about what we're going to do and let's actually do it.