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NATO Troops Engage with Taliban Militants in Afghanistan

The Taliban continues to gain power in Afghanistan. A journalist from Independent Television News reports from southern Afghanistan, where NATO troops from the Netherlands who have entered the region.

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  • NICK PATON WALSH, ITV News Correspondent:

    Tschora is not a place you fly alone to. In the heart of the rugged Uruzgan region, the ground rushes up on you here. The valley's green more fraught with Taliban than the hostile mountains.

    About 70 Dutch troops hold this area, their battle for Tschora a largely unnoticed part of NATO's occupation. We flew in with Lieutenant Dennis; tasked with training the Afghan national army, he quickly catches up on the past week.


    It says that Kala Kala is a little bit — it's not quiet over there, so there's a lot of shooting. And yesterday, one guy got killed in action there.