News Wrap: Aid groups warn of humanitarian crisis after repeated Afghan quakes

In our news wrap Sunday, another powerful earthquake rocked Afghanistan’s western region where thousands died in last week’s quakes, six people were killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine, Poland held what’s considered to be its most significant national election since 1989, and Louisiana elected Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry as its new governor.

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  • John Yang:

    In other news, another powerful earthquake rocked western Afghanistan today just a week after quakes killed thousands in the same region, this one registered 6.3 on the Richter scale. It destroyed villages and killed at least four people, more than 150 are being treated for injuries. Globally, groups are warning of a humanitarian crisis because of the quakes.

    In Ukraine six people were killed in Russian attacks this weekend. More than 100 Russian shells bombarded the southern region of Kherson disrupting power and water supplies. Russian officials claimed they shut down Ukrainian drones that returned fire near the eastern border.

    In Poland tonight, exit polling projects that the governing right wing Nationalist Party won more votes than any other in today's election, but lost the parliamentary majority it needs to form a government on its own. The liberal opposition coalition supports abortion rights, LGBTQ plus rights and support for Ukraine.

    Today, it was considered to be the most significant Polish election since the nation voted to topple communism in 1989. Results aren't expected until Tuesday.

    And Louisiana has elected a new governor Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry, an outspoken conservative backed by former President Donald Trump easily beat a crowded field. He'll replace Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards who couldn't run for a third term.

    It will put both the governor's office and the state legislature in Republican hands for the first time in eight years.

    Still to come on PBS News Weekend, a look at the misinformation that spreads about the food week. And the story of Lady Pink a groundbreaking graffiti artist.

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