News Wrap: Cyclone Hits Southern India, Forcing 150,000 to Seek Shelter

In other news Thursday, 150,000 people were moved to shelters when a cyclone slammed into the southeastern coast of India. The storm brought heavy rains and a storm surge, and is responsible for the deaths of at least six people in India and neighboring Sri Lanka.

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    Some 150,000 people were in shelters in Southern India today, after a tropical storm slammed ashore. At least six people were killed there, and in neighboring Sri Lanka. The storm brought heavy winds and rain, flooding streets and subway tunnels in the Indian city of Hyderabad. It also grounded an oil tanker with 37 crew on board. Most were rescued, but five remained missing.

    In Syria, rebels killed 28 government soldiers in a series of attacks in the northern part of the country. Anti-regime activists said gun battles erupted at three military checkpoints surrounding the city of Saraqeb in Idlib Province. The checkpoints line major supply routes to Aleppo, the country's largest city and a major battleground.

    The ousted president of Penn State University, Graham Spanier, will face cover-up charges in a child sex abuse scandal. Prosecutors today filed counts of perjury, obstruction and failing to report suspected abuse. In addition, they added counts against athletic director Timothy Curley and Gary Schultz, a former Penn State vice president. The scandal revolved around Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach now in federal prison for sexually abusing young boys.

    October turned out to be a big month for U.S. auto sales. Figures out today showed Toyota leading the way with a sales gain of almost 16 percent. Chrysler reported its best October since 2007 with a 10 percent increase. GM sales were up 5 percent, while Ford's numbers increased not quite half a percent.

    Wall Street headed higher after new reports showed consumer confidence and manufacturing on the rise. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 136 points to close at 13,232. The Nasdaq rose more than 42 points to close at 3,020.

    Those are some of the day's major stories.