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News Wrap: Firefighters make progress on Northern California wildfires

In our news wrap Tuesday, the huge Carr fire near Redding, California, that has been burning for a week is now 30 percent contained. It's claimed six lives and destroyed more than 880 homes. Also, Iran all but dismissed President Trump's offer to hold talks with President Hassan Rouhani. The Iranian Foreign Ministry said reinstating U.S. sanctions is no way to promote dialogue.

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  • John Yang:

    From Facebook today, word of a new campaign apparently aimed at influencing U.S. politics. The company said its removed 32 accounts that appeared to be fake and coordinated, and could be connected to Russia.

    The disclosure brought reactions from both the Trump administration and congressional Democrats.

  • Kirstjen Nielsen:

    It's showing that Facebook is taking this very seriously, so they should be commended for what they did today. It also shows, though, that the threat is very real, and Americans need to know that. The Russians, or whoever it is in this case — we haven't attributed it — but Russians and other nation states are absolutely attempting to manipulate us.

  • Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.:

    The administration is not doing close to enough. When Donald Trump can't make his mind up as to whether the Russians are continuing to attack us in 2018, that sends a signal to the whole federal government, well, maybe this isn't so important, when it is.

  • John Yang:

    We will get the full details on the Facebook announcement after the news summary.

    And in the day's other news, firefighters in Northern California reported new progress against a pair of wildfires threatening about 10,000 homes. They're burning about 100 miles northwest of Sacramento. Meanwhile, the huge Carr Fire near Redding is now 30 percent contained. It's been burning for a week, and has claimed six lives and destroyed more than 880 homes.

    Iran today all but dismissed President Trump's offer to hold talks with President Hassan Rouhani. Mr. Trump said yesterday he's open to meeting with no preconditions, but the Iranian Foreign Ministry said reinstating U.S. sanctions is no way to promote dialogue. The head of the hard-line Revolutionary Guards went even further, saying, "Iran is not North Korea to accept your offer for a meeting."

    There's evidence that North Korea is building more long-range missiles as it talks with the United States about giving up nuclear weapons. The Washington Post reports new satellite images show work at a facility near the capital, Pyongyang. The same facility already produced missiles capable of reaching the United States.

    In Zimbabwe, the electoral commission says it needs more time to announce the results of Monday's vote for president and the parliament. Supporters of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa spent the day celebrating unofficial tallies on social media that appeared to show him winning. They also accused the electoral commission of trying to aid Emmerson Mnangagwa, the current president, by delaying the count.

    Back in this country, federal immigration officials took heat at the Senate Judiciary Committee on separating migrant families. The policy has now been abandoned, but more than 700 children have yet to be reunited with their parents.

    Commander Jonathan White of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps said his agency warned against making the Office of Refugee Resettlement and others enforce the policy.

  • Jonathan White:

    We raised a number of concerns in the ORR program about any policy which would result in family separation, due to concerns we had about the best interest of the child, as well as about whether that will be operationally supportable with the bed capacity we have.

  • Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.:

    You told the administration that kids would suffer as a result, that pain would be inflicted, correct?

  • Jonathan White:

    There's no question that separation of children from parents entails significant potential for traumatic psychological injury to the child.

  • John Yang:

    The hearing came amid reports of sexual and other abuse at migrant detention facilities going back to 2014. Committee Chair Chuck Grassley and Ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein have asked for an investigation.

    The Trump administration is said to be considering a new tax break for the wealthy by cutting taxes on capital gains. It's widely reported today that the proposal involves indexing profits from investments for inflation. That move would lower the taxes paid. The reports say the president might bypass Congress and have the Treasury Department implement the change by rewriting regulations.

    White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is telling aides that he will stay through the 2020 presidential election. The Wall Street Journal and others reported today that President Trump asked Kelly to remain, and that he agreed. The retired Marine Corps general has been in the post for one year, but rumors have swirled for months that Mr. Trump wanted to replace him.

    And on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average gained 108 points to close at 25415. The Nasdaq rose more than 41 points, and the S&P 500 added 13.

    Still to come on the "NewsHour," President Trump's former campaign manager on trial; 3-D printed guns, a reality that's also now legal; using lemonade stands to teach kids about finance; and much more.

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