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News Wrap: Iranian parliament endorses Rouhani’s diplomatic outreach to U.S.

In our news wrap Wednesday, the Iranian parliament officially endorsed President Hassan Rouhani's effort to open dialogue with the West on that country's nuclear program. Also, new footage from last month's Nairobi mall attack shows only four men carrying automatic weapons -- not the 10 to 15 authorities initially claimed.

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    Wall Street spent the day trying to figure out how long the government shutdown will last. Defense company stocks, in particular, took a hit. Overall, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 58 points to close at 15,133. The Nasdaq fell about three points to close at 3,815.

    This was day two of enrollment for the new government-run health insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday's start was a rocky one, as Web sites and phone lines were overwhelmed by high demand. There was no word on how many people actually managed to sign up. More on this later in the program.

    In Iran, the Parliament today endorsed President Hassan Rouhani's diplomatic outreach to the West. At the U.N. last week, Rouhani signaled he's open to new dialogue on Iran's disputed nuclear program. In a statement today, 230 out of 290 Iranian lawmakers backed that effort. Rouhani rejected sharp criticism from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told the U.N. that Iran is not to be trusted.

  • HASSAN ROUHANI, Iranian President (through interpreter):

    The Israelis, when they see that their sword has become blunt, when they see that logic and reason is dominating the world, they certainly get upset. This is absolutely normal. We shouldn't expect anything other than this of the Israelis. I think Netanyahu's comments show us that we are on the right and precise path.


    Separately, diplomats reported little progress in the latest meetings between Iran and the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog.

    There may have been fewer attackers involved in last month's Kenyan mall massacre than first believed. A senior official said today, closed-circuit television footage actually shows just four men carrying automatic weapons, not the 10 to 15 authorities initially claimed. The Somali militant group Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least 67 people.

    Eight people died in East Tennessee today when a church bus smashed into a big-rig truck and a sport utility vehicle. Authorities said the bus blew a tire, veered across a median and broadsided the truck. The accident left 14 people injured and shut down part of Interstate 40.

    Chrysler is recalling an estimated 132,000 sport utility vehicles, mostly in the U.S. The company announced today that its 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees may have a software problem that blacks out the dashboard display. Chrysler said it has not received any reports of accidents related to the issue.

    Tom Clancy, the author who virtually invented high-tech military thrillers, has died. He passed away yesterday in Baltimore. Clancy first climbed to the top of the bestseller lists in 1984 with "The Hunt for Red October." That book and several others featuring CIA hero Jack Ryan were later made into movies. Tom Clancy was 66 years old. We will have more on him at the end of the program.