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News Wrap: Russia and China pledge deeper cooperation at summit

In our news wrap Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their own summit, in the face of strained relations with the West. Putin said cooperation with China has reached an "unprecedented level." Also, Gazan medics say Israeli troops shot and killed at least four people, with hundreds more wounded.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    In the day's other news, Russia's President Vladimir Putin and China's leader, Xi Jinping, held their own summit at a moment of strained relations with the West.

    They met in Beijing, ahead of a regional summit of Asian nations. Putin said cooperation with China has reached an unprecedented level.

  • Vladimir Putin (through translator):

    Our country sincerely values the good neighborliness and friendship with China. We are proud of the overall achievements in politics, the economy, science and culture. I look forward to further deepening Russia-China strategic cooperation for the sake of our countries' prosperity and well-being.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    The two leaders also criticized President Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, and they pledged to keep that agreement alive.

    It has been another deadly day of protests along Gaza's border with Israel. Gazan medics say that Israeli troops shot and killed at least four people, with hundreds more wounded. At least 120 protesters have been killed since March. Israel says that Hamas militants are using the protests as a cover for attacks.

    In Somalia, a U.S. special operations soldier was killed today, and four others were wounded. The U.S. military says they got into a firefight with Al-Shabaab extremists linked to al-Qaida. The group has claimed a series of attacks, leaving 150 people dead in the last two months.

    In Austria, the conservative government launched a new crackdown against what they view as radical Islam. Officials announced that they will close seven mosques and expel dozens of imams. They are acting under a 2015 law that bans foreign funding of religious groups.

    Back in this country, President Trump said today that he was seriously considering pardoning the late Muhammad Ali. But a short time later, the boxing great's lawyer said that is unnecessary because the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously vacated Ali's conviction for draft evasion in 1971.

    Mr. Trump also said that athletes who protest racial injustice during the national anthem should instead offer names for pardons.

  • President Donald Trump:

    And I'm going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated, friends of theirs or people that they know about. And I'm going to take a look at those applications, and if I find, and my committee finds, that they're unfairly treated, then we will pardon them, or at least let them out.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    The president said his team is looking at — quote — "thousands of names" for possible pardons.

    The special counsel in the Russia investigation added more charges today against Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager. He was already accused of money laundering and illegally lobbying for Ukrainian interests. Now Manafort and a Russian-Ukrainian associate face charges involving alleged witness tampering.

    Separately, the former security director for the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee is caught up in a leak investigation. James Wolfe was arrested and charged Thursday to lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters. It allegedly happened as the committee probed the Trump campaign's relations with Russia.

    New details tonight on first lady Melania Trump, who has been largely out of sight since a kidney procedure a month ago. Her office has given out little information, but the president says, in fact, that it was — quote — "a big operation" that lasted nearly four hours. He says doctors do not want her flying yet, so she is not attending the G7 meetings.

    On Wall Street, stocks ended this week with modest gains. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 75 points to close at 25316. The Nasdaq rose 10, and the S&P 500 added eight.

    And sad news today from Charles Krauthammer, the syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor. He has been off the air for nearly a year, and in a public letter today, he announced that he has terminal cancer, with only a few weeks to live. Krauthammer is 68. He said in the letter, "I leave is life with no regrets."

    We're sorry to hear that.

    Still to come on the "NewsHour," Anthony Bourdain's death raises awareness of suicide and how to prevent it; Bill Clinton and James Patterson discuss the thriller they wrote together; Mark Shields and Ramesh Ponnuru take on the week's news; and much more.

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