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NewsHour Correspondent Ordered to Leave Iran

Senior correspondent Margaret Warner, who has been ordered to leave Iran where she was reporting for the NewsHour, talks about the mood now that President Ahmadinejad has rejected U.N. demands to stop processing uranium.

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    Margaret, welcome. I know you were supposed to be reporting from Iran until the end of the week, but you are headed home now.

    What happened?


    Well, Ray, yesterday, late afternoon, I got a call from the — it's called the Ministry of Islamic Guidance, which sort of oversees all the foreign press in — whoever is coming into Iran.

    And a very nice woman said she'd had a call from the police, saying that I and my crew had to leave by Tuesday at midnight. I asked why. And she said she didn't know, and that she would check with other people, but it seemed to be pretty firm.

    My surmise is that it was connected to a possible interview that I was thinking of doing with the parents of a young man who died in prison here in Tehran,

    Evin prison, on July 30. And he had been in prison since the 1999 student demonstrations, off and on. And the condition of the body, according to letters that his father had written his father and mother to the U.N. and so on, was pretty — suggested that he had certainly been tortured and abused.