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NextFest Unveils High-tech Tools and Toys

With more than 130 exhibits from scientists, researchers and inventors around the globe, NextFest brings its vision of a new world's fair to New York City. The NewsHour's economics correspondent Paul Solman reports on the high-tech tools and toys of the future.

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    And finally tonight, economics correspondent Paul Solman goes on a tour of the latest of the high-tech.


    I'm a humanoid robot, which combines beauty, fun and reality.

  • PAUL SOLMAN, NewsHour Economics Correspondent:

    Robo-Geisha sweet-talking visitors at NextFest, the annual high-tech expo at Manhattan's Javits Center.

    From playing soccer in cyberspace to actually visiting outer space, from varicose veins to boogieing brains, by land and by sea, the exhibits engage, amuse and provoke. We've come to NextFest for two reasons: to check out the latest technology designed to improve our lives and to explore a larger question. Does technology lead to more and more high-quality economic growth?


    All of this is being developed for the future.


    We economics journalists tend to see the dark side of technology — layoffs, inequality, global warming — but Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine, which stages NextFest, thinks we journalists are missing the bigger, happier picture.

  • CHRIS ANDERSON, Wired Magazine:

    This show is entirely about the powerful tools that we individuals would have tomorrow to grow from today. So we will build — we will become better quality of life, more prosperous.

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