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Obama Courts Florida Voters, McCain Gets Clean Bill of Health

Sen. Barack Obama travels through Florida and Sen. John McCain is given a clean bill of health and releases his medical records. Kwame Holman reports on recent developments on the presidential campaign trail.

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    A clean bill of health for John McCain. Kwame Holman brings us that and all of today's presidential campaign developments.


    The more than 1,100 pages of medical records released by John McCain's campaign today span the last eight years and indicate the three-time melanoma survivor is cancer-free and appears to be in good health.

    McCain's physician, Dr. John Eckstein, released a statement saying, "I can find no medical reason or problems that would preclude Senator McCain from fulfilling all the duties and obligations of president of the United States."

    The medical records were made available to a small group of reporters to quell concerns about McCain's health and age. He turns 72 in August and would be the oldest elected first-term president.

    McCain held no public events today, but plans to host six potential running mates at his Sedona, Arizona, ranch this weekend, including: former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney; Florida Governor Charlie Crist; and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. They will be joined by former Ohio Congressman Rob Portman, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback.

    McCain was busy yesterday trying to put out a campaign fire. He rejected the endorsements of two religious leaders: Rod Parsley, an Ohio pastor who has called Islam an "inherently violent religion"; and Texas preacher John Hagee, whose recorded statement claiming God sent Hitler to help the Jews reach the promised land was recently released.

  • REV. JOHN HAGEE, Cornerstone Church:

    Those who came founded Israel. Those who did not went through the hell of the Holocaust. Then God sent a hunter. A hunter is someone who comes with a gun and he forces you. Hitler was a hunter.