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Obama’s Likely Running Mate, New Attack Ads Top Campaign News

Analysts Mark Shields and David Brooks discuss the suspense over Sen. Barack Obama's announcement of his vice presidential running mate and the latest ad war between the Democrat and GOP rival Sen. John McCain.

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    The curtains are going up on Barack Obama's vice presidential choice and the Democratic National Convention in Denver. And here to set the stages for that and more are Shields and Brooks, syndicated columnist Mark Shields, New York Times columnist David Brooks. Mark joins us tonight from Denver.

    Mark, what's the latest on the vice presidential thing? Have you got the scoop?

  • MARK SHIELDS, Syndicated Columnist:

    Jim, I have the scoop. I have conventional wisdom, which is a lot more conventional than it is wise. That seems to be the consensus that David recommended in his column today that it's going to be Joe Biden.

    But I will say this: The most tight-lipped campaign I have ever been around, including Richard Nixon's, is the Obama campaign. Usually there's one prima donna inside who likes to leak the information to prove what a big person he is and how influential. And this campaign is sealed.


    Sealed, and Biden?

  • DAVID BROOKS, Columnist, New York Times:

    I hope so. It feels like "Waiting for Godot." I don't know what they're waiting for. I mean…


    What is that all about?


    I don't know. You know, John Kerry picked John Edwards, I think, 20 days before the convention. Traditionally it's been four to seven. And now they're apparently going to wait for the opening gavel or something like that, not quite, but almost.


    Well, they've got the big thing tomorrow morning in Springfield, Ill.


    In Springfield.


    That's a big news day, early morning in Springfield.


    Saturday in Springfield. That actually makes me think it might be Hillary Clinton. I mean, if you're going to wait until the end, it seems to me you've got to wait for somebody who's already a big name, well-practiced in politics. You can't introduce somebody like this at the very end.

    And it also suggests that they're going to have somebody — a sort of very big name, a sort of wow factor, and only Hillary really qualifies for that. I hope it's Biden.