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On 100th Day In Office, Obama Fields Questions At Town Hall Meeting in St. Louis

President Obama fielded questions from a group in St. Louis at a town hall meeting Wednesday, which marked his 100th day in office.

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    Mr. Obama recounted a bleak landscape of job loss, frozen credit, and foundering growth. But he said his administration laid the groundwork for recovery with the stimulus plan and budget proposals.


    I've got to say that, that some of the people in Washington have been surprised. They said, "Boy, he's so ambitious. He's been trying to do so much."

    Now, maybe they're not accustomed to this, but there's no mystery to what we've done. The priorities that we've acted upon were the things that we said we'd do during the campaign.


    The president then opened the floor to questions. First up, a retired autoworker, worried about his pension and health care and with a larger concern about fairness.


    We're also considered middle class, and it seems like they keep constantly wanting to take it away from the autoworker and prosecuting us, instead of the corporate that brought us to this.